Why Gardening Is Good For You? Hobby For Health, Mind, And Mood

Looking for a new hobby that is good for your health, mind, and mood can be such a challenge. It happens if you are looking for an option that also highlights some low-budget considerations, such as gardening.  Why gardening is good for you? The down to the earth hobby is also known for its expansive benefit, which works for the youngster to older. Here are your details.

The Benefit Of Gardening For Brain Health

The cognitive benefit and the brain effect of gardening can prove how good the hobby is. For older people, a study in PubMed indicates that nearly 3,000 people over 60-year-old can lower the risk of dementia by 36%. The hobby stimulates their mind and keeps their brain present for some complex yet simple activities to do.

The action of paying attention to detail, depth, vision, pattern, spacing, and many other factors will keep the mind running.  Not only that, but the constant brain activity during the hobby also develops sensory experience. Stimulation upon others, such as smelling the flower, seeing vibrant colors, hearing, feeling, and tasting also complete the cognitive function.

The idea of the “Why gardening is good for you” question also goes along with the fact that the hobby provides a therapeutic sensation. Older people who experience mental decline tend to get better by wandering and memorizing the garden as their ground. Thus, the brain effect you can get is to improve Alzheimer’s disease situation.

The Benefit Of Gardening For Physical Health

Physically, gardening does not need a lot of exercises. While some parts might demand more energy, generally it forms ranges of low-impact exercise. Planting, digging, weeding, watering, and many other repetitive actions will slowly improve strength. It is a good form of exercise for people that cannot handle more vigorous activities.

Not to mention the act of working outside. Gardening in the open field while basking in the sunshine help get blood moving. The fresh air is also a nice whiff for the body, that is Why gardening is good for you. Sunshine help gains vitamin D, which is good for bones, joint, calcium, and the immune system. 

The Benefit Of Gardening For Mood And Emotional Health 

How does it affect people emotionally? Gardening is known as one of the effective hobbies that stimulate happy hormones, a.k.a dopamine, and serotonin. The benefit came from the sense of purpose and accomplishment which happen due to the plethora of nurturing and planting action in a garden.

When the plants appear healthy, budding flowers, or fruits, people will get better spirits. It also mentioned that people who are gardening tend to decrease cortisol levels, which is good to improve mood and fight stress. It is not to mention the self-esteem factor that happens due to confidence. Why gardening is good for you? Because of its ability to make people closer and combat loneliness.

Gardening might sound like a very boring activity and hobby, but it has a long list of benefits that make it good for everyone. Brain activity includes the cognitive effect that lowers the risk of dementia. Physically working under the fresh air and sunshine make your blood move. And mentally, it can lift the mood, improve depression, and combat isolation.

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