What Gardening Tools Do I Need? Beginner Basic Essentials To Start Your Hobby

Doing gardening does not require a lot of work. But for beginners, it can be such a daunting task. It goes with the fact that people need to consider the tools for the hobby. That is why people will ask “what gardening tools do I need?” if you are starting the hobby, be sure you can pick some of these essential items to support your gardening actions.

Hand tools Essentials

For beginner gardeners, you will find that the crucial items to get are hand tools. It is no surprise since the main point of gardening is to nurture plants with your hand. It also considered that you will use these hand tools more than any items you need. To make your hobby better and easier to get, you better check the multitasking tools.

But of course, you also use the low-budget items or the old ones found in the grandma’s house. At least you will need three basic hand tools for gardening, hand pruner; hand rake; and hori-hori. Other than that, you can get scissors and a weeder as an extra. What gardening tools do I need? And what is the function?

Hand pruner is the tool to trim branches or leaves and harvest plants. The hand rake is as it sounds. You will use it to process soil into smooth soil by removing debris and weed. Hori Hori is a multifunction tool with a solid and thick blade. It works to chop or slice wood, for digging roots, planting, and harvesting crops.

Long Handled Tools

While the hand tools are the must-have items, you can put the long-handled tools as a compliment. A most experienced gardener will use long-handled tools for a bigger plot, harder to use than small hand tools. So, you can buy some of these tools based on your need. Remember it can save you some time and effort, but it also can be a bit pricey.

What gardening tools do I need? At least you will need a water hose or watering can (depending on your field). A round-headed shovel is good for harder soil and bigger plot processing. You can dig the soil for your crop. A digging fork help turn your soil, and a bow rake will smooth and level the soil. You can also consider mattock to chop and dig larger or persistent wreckage.

Extra Items

Some extra tools should be depending on the needs and usages for your gardening hobby. Those tools are digging bar to remove stumps and bulky roots. A water wand can also be a nice option to save your water bill. And a big pruner will help remove branches. So, what gardening tools do I need? It differs on your need.

Starting gardening as a hobby can sound and look very intimidating, especially with the long-range of items and tools. However, most of them are fundamental tools you can buy for cheap and easy. You don’t need to start with a high budget. You always have time to upgrade the tools along the way as you are used to the practices and routines.

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