The Basic Understanding about What Is Deep Water Culture

The best definition about what is deep water culture is its characteristics as the most effective and efficient kind of hydroponics planting system. it requires a very low budget and maintenance at the same time. What’s more, it is also very easy for beginners.   Even so, expert gardeners still apply this method for the fastest process of cultivating and harvesting.

However, there are certain kinds of Deep Water Culture plantation systems that users have to find out.  It is true that this method doesn’t use any kind of growing media. The method allows roots to suspend over a reservoir that has a water-based plant solution that is oxygenated and rich in nutrients.

What is Deep Water Culture and Its Overall Performance

Many gardeners are deeply falling in love with this method, thanks to its efficacy of nutrients and oxygen absorption to the roots. Besides, roots also get a good exposure to water that enhances their growth very well.  This planting method allows an easy supply of oxygen through the collaboration of air pumps as well as air stones.  Both components work together for aerating solution that can dissolve bubbles.

As the name implies, water is the soul of this system.  Unlike common plants, water is the key to growing the roots instead of soil.  Certainly, the water is placed within a reservoir should be oxygenated and filled with nutrient-rich solution to ensure the best growing progress.

The reason why the water should be oxygenated is that the submerged roots within water constantly need a good amount of oxygen. Instead, they will not grow well or even die.

Another important element that this planting system needs is the rich nutrition within the solution. It replaces the function of soil which becomes the nutrient source for common plants. It doesn’t only ensure maximum absorption, but also reduces hassles in washing plants, particularly for green-leaf vegetables like spinach, lettuce, and so forth.

Excellent Benefits Of Deep Water Culture

This method is indeed full of benefits, whether it is for beginners and advanced gardeners. The first benefit is definitely the use of water.  Just like a common hydroponic plantation system, this method boasts effective water conservation because there is no soil that can absorb water too much.  With such a method, there will be a higher amount of nutrition that roots will suck up from water-based nutrient solutions.  Water also ensures that roots get lots of oxygen.

Unquestionably, there will be a great impact on maintenance costs. There is no land preparation and pH testing at all. Besides, gardeners can rest assured that the watering system works automatically. Gardeners can save much time and money in applying the deep water culture cultivating method.

So, everyone who is wondering what is deep water culture should understand its overall performance.  It is easy to summarize that DWC ensures high-quality crops yield within a very shorter time than those from the conventional soil-based plantation system. With the very easy setup and low cost of preparation and maintenance, deep water culture is highly recommended for every modern gardener.

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