Know More About Hydroponics

Hydroponics is one of the innovations in the world of farming. Hydroponics does not require a large area, so this is one of its advantages. Currently, hydroponics has become commonplace among the community. Many choose to grow crops with the best hydroponic system because it is considered more effective and efficient. What is hydroponics?

In the field of farming, hydroponics is an agricultural activity that uses water as the main medium to replace soil. Hydroponics can also be interpreted as a planting system without using soil media. The planting technique can use non-soil planting media, such as gravel, coarse sand, or coconut fiber. The hydroponic system has been known and applied for a long time, since the 16th century AD. According to circulating history, The Hanging Garden of Babylon is believed to be the first use of hydroponics in the world. From century to century until now, hydroponics continues to grow rapidly. The method is the same, namely by making the water the main medium.

Hydroponics has a number of benefits. What are those?

Pest free plants
Farming using soil can sometimes cause pests that come from the soil itself. The use of a hydroponic system for farming can minimize or eliminate pests that are the main enemy of plants.

More results
More plants are produced. Because usually many plants are wasted due to being eaten or attacked by pests. So the yield is much more. The plants can be harvested at any time. The hydroponic system makes it possible to grow the desired crop and harvest it at any time, even if it is not the season of the crop.

Hydroponic crops are said to be healthier because they do not use pesticides or chemicals. Pesticides are often used to eradicate pests, while in hydroponics the number of pests can be reduced or even absent because water is used as the main medium.

Hydroponics has a number of advantages when compared to other farming systems.

– Does not require soil because water is used as the main medium.
– It does not need a lot of water because the water will continue to circulate or circulate in the system that has been made previously.
– Cleaner and more sterile because there is no spilled soil.
– Free from plant pests that often emerge from the ground.
– Suitable to be applied in narrow or limited land because it does not require large pots or large soil. The nutritional content is higher because it does not use pesticides.
– The results can be harvested at any time and are easy to take.
– The plants can grow faster if properly supervised and managed.

Plants that will be planted with a hydroponic system must be adjusted first. The goal is for maximum results and in accordance with the desired. Here are some lists of plants that can be grown with a hydroponic system:

Mustard greens, cabbage, spinach, kale, lettuce, tomatoes, chilies, cucumbers, beans, and others.

Orchid flowers, roses or roses, marigolds, and others.

Bananas, pottery, and others.

Herbs (short and small plants)
Parsley, mint, basil, chives, etc.

Before planting with hydroponics, make sure the readiness and the system is adequate. After that also make sure if it is managed with a good system.

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