Hydroponic Ornamental Plants that are Easy to Cultivate

Many types of ornamental plants are collected using a hydroponic system. Hydroponics is a plant cultivation system that does not use soil media but uses a special solution that contains the nutrients needed by plants. Generally, hydroponic cultivation systems are used for vegetable crops. However, now many types of ornamental plants use the hydroponic method to be cultivated. The best hydroponic system method is also not too difficult, and easy to maintain.

Cultivation of hydroponic ornamental plant species is not only done in a large area but can also be done in a narrow area. You can cultivate various types of ornamental plants at home using the hydroponic method which saves more space and is practical. Here are some types of ornamental plants that can be grown using a hydroponic system.

The types of sunflower ornamental plants that usually grow on large lands can also be planted using a hydroponic system and replacing the planting medium which is usually soil into charcoal husk or sand. You can plant them in pots and place them in your yard using stacked shelves to save space. This sunflower ornamental plant usually lives in a place full of sunlight so that in its cultivation this ornamental plant must be placed outside the room. Watering with water and nutrient solution on this type of sunflower ornamental plant can be done once a day with manual watering or it can also use a drip system to save time.

Aloe vera
The next type of ornamental plant is aloe vera or aloe vera that you usually encounter can also be grown hydroponically. By using hydrogel growing media or husk charcoal, this type of hydroponic ornamental plant will grow well and can be displayed on the living room table as a decoration. The use of hydrogel planting media will enhance the appearance of these types of ornamental plants by adding using pots of asbestos or glass pots so that the hydrogels are more clearly visible. This type of hydroponic ornamental plant is more drought resistant so that the watering can be done every 2 days or every planting medium has started to dry. Use a small aloe vera plant to be placed as a living room table decoration or place it hanging in the yard.

As an ornamental plant, dracaena is an example of a familiar type of hydroponic ornamental plant. The reason is, not a few people put this dracaena ornamental plant in a container filled with water to keep this hydroponic ornamental plant alive. With such easy-care, dracaena is suitable for use as an indoor or outdoor ornamental plant or can also be used as a table decoration plant in the living room.

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