How to Tell The Difference between Aeroponics and Hydroponics

The difference between aeroponics and hydroponics is actually very few, though each of them shares lots of benefits. Yet, both planting systems are very common and become the most favorable ones.  While they are highly beneficial for owners, they are applicable to different kinds of environments.  This is why owners need to ensure whether they have to choose either hydroponics or aeroponics for their planting techniques.

The Difference between Aeroponics and Hydroponics; What to Take Into Consideration

Hydroponics planting system is the method of growing plants without using any soil. The planting system uses a special medium for plant growth for supporting the whole process. This is the best part of hydroponics in which the growth medium is easy to control throughout the phase of growth.  Many home gardeners prefer this system as a budget-friendly option.

Meanwhile, aeroponics is a plantation system where all the plants don’t use any soil, nor any medium at all.  Crops or plants take nutrition from a solution that contains nutrients in a form of mist or water.  In this case, the plant root gets lots of mist coverage. In this case, aeroponics is actually the split of hydroponics.

Of course, there are differences between both systems though each of them can ensure excellent coverage of nutrients for maximum plant growth.  Home gardeners can choose the one that suits their needs.  The first thing to consider is the setup progress.

For the hydroponic plantation system, the plants will be placed in a tray where the water reservoir stays close in a line to water the plants. This system still uses a pump for pumping the reservoir’s solution to all required plants. The solution will return to the reservoir, thanks to the overflow drain for collecting the unused solution.

Meanwhile, the aeroponic plantation system is mostly designed with hanging-down plant roots. This is to ensure that the plant sits nicely in its place. Each place is designed in such a way that there will be no roots tangled to each other.  The roots get the water containing nutrients that are placed within a reservoir. Mostly, the reservoir is the submersible water pump that pushes nutrients to all roots through pipes.  The water pump produces mist through the misting nozzles, for creating fine mist. This is why some home gardeners prefer this method as it provides droplets that are more effective for certain kinds of plants.

Which Systems Ensure The Best Nutrition Absorption

The fact is that both aeroponics and hydroponics boast excellent impacts on nutrition absorption.  The absence of soil makes roots get nutrients at their best.  Plants on the hydroponics plantation system get nutrients from a reservoir in which they are circulating so all roots will absorb them. Meanwhile, plants on aeroponics get the nutrients from the pumped mist.

It means, the difference between aeroponics and hydroponics lies in the water content. Whichever method that home gardeners want to apply, each of those planting systems ensures the effectiveness of nutrient absorption with the efficiency on water usage.   Many home gardeners even apply both systems on their separated areas, based on the variety of crops or plants.

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