How To Grow Hydroponic Onions With The Fastest And Best Result

If it is very simple to grow all plants through a hydroponic plantation system, then it is not less difficult in learning how to grow hydroponic onions. It is easy to plant onions because they are suitable in either low or medium lands. However, the most important thing about growing this plant is adequate sunlight for keeping them free from dampness. It is also crucial to ensure that the plants are not waterlogged as they can rot easily.

Now, planting onion is highly popular through hydroponic techniques. This technique is very popular among gardeners in urban areas. It is also amazing to find out that they can grow hydroponics onions. Say goodbye to hassles in preparing soil because all gardeners need is an adequate amount of water to ensure the growth of those onions.

How to Grow Hydroponic Onions Easily

Growing hydroponic onions is as easy as preparing all the materials required. They include Styrofoam, a 30-cm plastic box, recycled plastic cups, husk, onions for seeds, flannelette, cutter, and hydroponic nutrition. The ingredients of the nutrients can be adjusted based on the planted onion seeds.

Once all the materials are ready, then follow these steps

  1. Prepare a big plastic box as the big pot for several plastic cups. Create a 5-centimeter hole in the lid of the box. Depending on the size of the box, then you can arrange how many holes are in one box. Make sure each hole has a 10 centimeters distance.
  2. Prepare plastic cups. Create a hole at the bottom and on each side of the plastic cup.
  3. Prepare the flannelette. Cut it into pieces with certain measurements to be inserted into the bottom hole of each plastic cup. It is the media for roots to absorb water.
  4. Fill the water box with the nutrient solution that is specifically designed for nourishing hydroponic plants. Usually, gardeners use 5 ml of each nutrient with 1 liter of water.
  5. Next, fill each plastic cup with burnt husk before placing all plastic cups into the holes in the lid of the box. Shower each of the husks with adequate water.
  6. Choose dry, old seeds of onions that contain roots for a better planting process. Clean them and cut the ends with cutters. Then, plant the onion seeds. Each seed within each plastic cup until half of the body is immersed in the soil.
  7. Keep the under the shade that still gets adequate sunlight.

When Onions are Ready to Harvest?

It is important to notice that the maintenance should be very careful if you want to know how to grow hydroponic onions very well. Plants should get enough water and nutrient with the right solution. Checking the water volume and quality is very necessary because it will determine the quality of the harvesting plant. Water sanitation is very important for ensuring that the hydroponic cross-section is free from moss. Moss can interfere with the absorption of nutrients in plants. Onions are ready to harvest for approximately sixty days. For the sake of the best yield, it is important to keep the surrounding environment clean for minimizing the spread of diseases and pests.

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