Know The Difference! Gardening Or Landscaping Practices For Hobby

Talking about backyard hobbies, one will remind with practices of gardening. It is known by many people that the activities include nurturing plants. But, how about landscaping? It is a similar term that also relates to plants, fields, and the backyard. So, what are the difference? What should you do, gardening or landscaping? To help you clear the confusion, read further this information.

General Description

To avoid misconceptions, you can consider the general description of the two terms. Gardening is likely to describe an action that mainly focuses on taking care of or nurturing plants. It can range from a single to a whole garden, which involves activities from growing, caring, to yielding the product. It also mostly relates to the plot, which is ground or pots.

On the other hand, landscape describes the more professional activities that are similar to gardening. In general, the activities also include planting, growing, and maintaining plants. However, it also includes many other aspects including working with topiaries, ponds, sculpture, etc. The focus is for aesthetic or practical purposes, which need expertise.  

Practice And Activities

Gardening or landscaping does relate to actions of nurturing plants, gardens, and plots. But, the practice and activities for landscaping are more professional and done by experts. It can include transforming the areas, creating new plots, to a structural field in the personal or public garden. It means that landscaping is pretty much on the higher level of activities.

Gardening is similar but more practical and easier to do. It is one of the homes and backyard hobbyists that can include activities starting from cleaning, planting, growing, harvesting, and maintaining the area. This hobby is mostly done in a personal location or area. It can also concern aesthetic and simple activities to maintain a garden in general.


When talking about practitioners, both have a different answer. Due to the general practices, gardening can be very familiar for anyone who has an interest in doing such actions. Those who are looking for a relaxing hobby can do gardening. It also helps that gardening is doable both indoor and outdoor. That set the gardening or landscaping differences.

Landscaping should only be done by landscapers, which most of the time are companies or services. As it requires expertise, people with the proper requirement, skills, and knowledge will work with larger outdoor areas. Depending on the services, landscaping can include designers, architectures, sculptures, or many other professionals to suit the specific purposes. 

Variety Of Products

As a more professional backyard action, landscape tends to involve machinery, terrain change, to specific materials. It means the products can range from total transformation, ponds building, to creating a complex garden. Gardening can scope range of arrangement, planting works, simple elevation, and field. So, gardening or landscaping are similar but heavily different in many cases.

To make it short, the two terms are interchangeable and somehow mentioned together. But, it is better to say that landscaping is a more professional term that states practitioner abilities, skills, and knowledge. Since landscaping is a more specialized activity, simple hobbyist that loves working in the backyard can consider their activities like gardening.  

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