Advantages of Planting with Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a plant cultivation technique that is currently much loved by modern society. This planting technique uses the working principle of planting with media other than soil and sufficient nutrients for plants by using Mix nutrient solution which is flowed to plant roots. Learn more about the best hydroponic system on our website.

Some plants such as vegetables, fruits, and ornamental plants are very suitable when used as plants that are cultivated with hydroponics. Cultivation using hydroponic techniques has several advantages when compared to conventional planting using soil media for cultivation. Here are some of the advantages of hydroponics that can be your consideration for choosing this cultivation technique over conventional.


Hydroponics knows no seasons and places
The current weather anomaly makes it difficult for us to predict the weather conditions in the next few days. Sometimes we often encounter a time when it should be raining instead of dry without the slightest rain falling. This causes us to find it difficult to determine the right planting time for plants, especially for vegetables.

Not only the problem of the existing weather conditions, but in this modern era, rice fields are also decreasing due to the conversion of the function of rice fields into residences and office buildings. This problem will be very often encountered in urban areas which are dominated by skyscrapers. This is certainly a serious problem considering the narrowness of the land that can be planted.

For those of you who want to garden, but are hindered by the two conditions above, hydroponics can be the best solution. Hydroponics can be installed on the roof or even in a narrow house because the installation does not require a large space. The key to growing with hydroponics lies in the fulfillment of nutrients and sufficient sunlight for plants.

The use of this screen house or greenhouse is not only to protect from excessive sunlight and rain that falls out of season, it can also be used as a barrier for pests to enter and damage plants.

Not only that, this hydroponics does not use soil as a planting medium so that the possibility of plants being attacked by organisms in the soil will be smaller. The use of planting media other than soil such as husk charcoal, gravel, and Rockwool will be much cleaner when compared to conventional techniques.

With the use of hydroponics, the plants produced are healthier and of better quality than planting using conventional techniques.

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