About Us

We created this website because we are interested in the best hydroponic system and we want to share this fun with you. On our website, you can find various types of plants that can use a hydroponic system, besides that you can also get some tips and information about hydroponics.

Hydroponics is in great demand because it has a lot of added value. Hydroponic work is relatively easy, does not require a lot of cost, effort, and time, and can even be mechanized and automated almost completely. Pest and disease attacks are easier to control because they are in a controllable environment (can be controlled by humans / not dependent on nature). When cultivated in an environmentally friendly manner, hydroponic products are healthier and safer to consume because they use components that are free from contamination by microorganisms and harmful pesticides.

Growing plants with a hydroponic system is an environmentally friendly way because its cultivation does not require excessive pesticides. Hydroponic systems can also be a solution for gardening in narrow or limited land (urban farming). Because the planting medium is not soil. Hydroponic plants obtain food from inorganic substances that are given at the time of watering.